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Image by Milad Fakurian

Modern neuroscience and traditional eastern medicine are the foundations of NIS. And promotes the body's ability to restore itself by re-establishing communication between the brain and body. Every cell, gland, organ, muscle, immune system, normal system, etc. in the body are governed by this nervous system; when our nervous system (brain) and body lose communication, disharmony, dysfunction, and illness can occur. Our entire body is controlled by our nervous system through neural circuitry.  We can find these disconnections or disruptions in communication between your body and brain. And help your nervous system restore balance and neural circuitry. Your practitioner will perform a muscle test and check the NIS system during the NIS therapy. By holding an externally defined part of neuroanatomy known as the post central gyrus while doing a muscle test and tapping on it, we are able to access the intelligence of the brain. The neural circuitry is "rewind" and "reset" by the NIS.

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