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C.NRT (Clinical Nutrition Response Testing)

What is Clinical Nutrition Response Testing?

Clinical Nutrition Response Testing is based on the Nutrition Response Testing and morphogenic field technique. Clinical Nutrition Response Testing is a cutting edge, scientifically verifiable way of assessing what areas, organs and glands of the body are energetically low and are not functioning at their highest level.  When these areas are addressed and are provided with the right nutrients through testing, the body can begin to heal itself.  It really is a very simple, yet very accurate system of using the body itself to determine what areas of the body need support and then providing those areas with what is needed to be able to heal.

Clinical Nutrition Response Testing often allows us to deliver breakthrough results, even to clients who have been chronically ill for many years. We utilize Clinical Nutrition Response Testing to identify:

-Toxicity (metal, chemical and radiation)

-Candida and parasitic infestations

-Hidden bacterial and viral infections

-Primary reactions to foods, chemicals and other substances

-Weak and malfunctioning organs

-Nutritional deficiencies


  1. Through an analysis of your body’s reflexes, we help you to determine the exact nutrients you need to supplement your diet in order to bring about balanced and improved health.

  2. We make these highly concentrated therapeutic formulations available to you in tablets, capsules, or in powdered form to “supplement” your current diet.  That’s why they are called “food supplements.”

  3. Depending on your individual situation, we may also require that you make some specific changes in your diet & eating habits and in your routines in order to bring about the best possible results..

An analysis of your active organs / areas will be performed on each follow up visit. Often these follow up visits also reveal additional layers of dysfunction. These can then be addressed in the correct sequence for your body. Nutritional deficiencies or imbalances lead to a breakdown in resistance, or immunity, and a loss of the ability to cope with environmental stresses (chemical, microscopic, or otherwise).  The good news is that it may be possible to reverse the process!

What could be more natural?  What could be more correct?  Each cell, tissue, and organ in your body is in the process of replacing itself every day, month, and year.  The health of each organ is dependent on making the correct nutrients available to upgrade or to maintain the health of the body at a cellular level. With a correctly done NRT analysis, we can determine the correct food supplements for you – designed to give your body the best possible chance of getting well and staying well.

Healing through nutrition involves basic diet changes and supplementation to that diet. Nutritional recommendations vary from person to person. It may take a few weeks to discover what your body likes the best. When we figure out what’s best for you, you will feel better, your weight will normalize, and you will function better.

If you have been ill for a long time give adequate time to recover and achieve health. For example, if you have been ill for twenty years, it may take six months to two years to recover. There is a real difference between what it takes to heal and just covering up symptoms with drugs.

Although every case is unique, most patients report significant health improvements within 4-6 weeks. The fastest recoveries are from those who have closely adhered to the recommended nutritional program and visit schedule. Your progress will continue to be monitored and your program will be adjusted as you recover and additional layers appear- ultimately revealing and addressing root causes and restoring health naturally over time.

With allopathic medicine a disease is identified and a specific protocol is used. Healing is different. There is no single plan or protocol that will effectively treat everyone.

We treat patients, not conditions. We give you what you need to restore your health.

Working with an advanced trained Nutrition Response Testing℠ practitioner ensures you receive comprehensive and specific corrective recommendations with supplements and gradual diet modifications. The practice of rational intervention is a strategy to not only resolve specific symptoms, but to also increase vitality and joy. Most of our physical conditions respond and may even fully resolve with specific nutritional support.



Virtual Clinical Nutrition Response Testing

I have received many questions surrounding Clinical Nutrition Response Testing or C.NRT at a distance via virtual sessions. Today, I’m going to take some time to explain this process.

First, let us define C.NRT. Clinical Nutrition Response Testing is a method used by holistic practitioners to assess the health of an individual by analyzing the body’s innate healing intelligence. It’s a non-invasive, safe, and effective way to identify the root causes of health problems and develop personalized nutrition and supplement programs.

There are many myths surrounding Clinical Nutrition Response Testing, so let me dispel some of them right now. First, this type of testing is not based on guesswork or intuition. The practitioner uses precise techniques to test the body’s reflexes and determine where there are imbalances. Second, Clinical Nutrition Response Testing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. As many of my patients already know, I will create a customized program based on your specific needs and health goals.

Now, let’s talk about how Clinical Nutrition Response Testing works in a virtual setting. The process is very simple. You’ll need a device with a camera, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and a quiet, well-lit space. I will guide you through the testing process and develop a personalized program for you, which may include specific dietary recommendations, nutrition supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Some people have asked how it is possible to perform Clinical Nutrition Response Testing or muscle testing without physical touch. This is a great question! Virtual muscle testing can best be explained through quantum entanglement, as it is applied to the human body.

Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in quantum mechanics where two or more particles become connected in such a way that their properties become correlated and can instantaneously affect each other, even when separated by large distances. A virtual Clinical Nutrition Response Testing session operates on the principle that entangled particles have properties that are linked in such a way that if you know the state of one particle, you can instantly determine the state of the other particle, no matter how far apart they are. This idea of particles being connected through their properties and instantaneously affecting each other may seem counterintuitive, but it is a well-established principle of quantum mechanics that has been experimentally verified through numerous tests.

During a virtual C.NRT session the practitioner and the individual being tested are connected through their energetic fields. When I am doing virtual testing I may ask you to touch certain points or focus on an area of your body experiencing pain or discomfort. As an advanced NRT/MFT practitioner I am able to assess your body’s responses through my own body. My training and experience seeing thousands of patients over the years allows me to analyze these responses to determine any imbalances in your body. This innovative approach to healthcare allows you and your loved ones to receive personalized, holistic care anywhere.

Clinical Nutrition Response Testing is a safe and effective way to assess the health of your body and develop a personalized program to support your health goals. And now, with the availability of virtual video sessions, you can receive this type of testing from the comfort of your own home. So, if you’re interested in learning more about Clinical Nutrition Response Testing at a distance, please call our office.

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