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The Electromagnetic Field Radiation Effects to Your Health (Part 1)

Radiation from Cell Phones and WiFi Are Making People Sick — Are You at Risk?

There are over 7 billion operating cell phones on the planet. These phones exchange signals with millions of cell phone towers. In your home, your favorite coffee shop, your local library and certainly in your office, you have WI-FI.

You probably also have a sprinkling of other wireless technologies, like a cordless phone, a wireless baby monitor or alarm system, or maybe even a USB-powered device that gives your cell phone Web access, which has been referred to as a “cell-phone tower for your pocket.”

Even if you have opted out of such conveniences, there’s a good chance your neighborhood has not. This means that, essentially, your environment is saturated with wireless technologies and the frequencies they emit – and you’re being impacted whether you realize it or not.


Biological Effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation

Here are some of the biological changes caused by electromagnetic radiation, as observed and reported in various studies (most recent first):

  • Protein Changes in Skin. Ten women volunteered to participate in a study in which radiation (900mH) from GSM cell phones was applied to them for one hour to simulate a phone call. Scientists then screened their skin cells for any stress reactions. They looked at 580 different proteins and found two which were substantially affected. (One was increased by 89% and the other decreased by 32%). (New Scientist February 23, 2008)


  • Sperm Abnormalities. Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic studied the sperm quality of 361 men seen at their fertility clinic. On average, those who spent more hours talking on their cell phones had lower sperm counts and higher rates of abnormal sperm. (New Zealand Herald – Friday Feb 8, 2008)


  • Excited Brain Cells. Researchers from Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Isola Tiberina,found that the electromagnetic field emitted by cell phones can cause some cells in the brain’s cortex (adjacent to the side of phone use) to become excited for about an hour, while others become inhibited. (Health24 – June 27, 2006)


  • DNA Damage. German research group Verum studied the effect of radiation on human and animal cells. After being exposed to cell phone frequencies the cells showed increased breaks in their DNA. These DNA breaks could not always be repaired by the cells. The damage would therefore be passed on to future cells which could predispose them to becoming cancerous. (USA Today December 21, 2004)


  • Brain Cell Damage. A study of the effects of cell phone frequencies (applied at non-thermal intensity) on rat brains showed damage to the neurons (brain cells) in various brain parts, including the cortex, hippocampus and basal ganglia. (June 2003 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives)


  • Aggressive Growth in Leukemia Cells. Researchers at the National Research Council in Bologna, Italy found that Leukemia cells exposed to cell phone frequencies (900mH) for 48 hours replicated more aggressively. (New Scientist October 24, 2002)


  • Increased Blood Pressure. Researchers in Germany found that one-time use of a cell phone for 35 minutes could cause an increase in resting blood pressure of between 5 and 10mm Hg. (Lancet June 20, 1998)


Pathological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Here are some of the pathological (disease producing) effects attributed to electromagnetic radiation and reported in the media (most recent first):

  • Salivary Gland Cancer. An Israeli study reports that people who used cell phones for 22 hours a month or more were 50 percent more likely to develop parotid gland cancer than those who used cell phones infrequently or never. (Health24 February 19, 2008)


  • Brain Tumor. An analysis of several previous studies has concluded that cell phone use over 10 years causes an increased risk of acquiring certain types of brain tumour (2.4 times for acoustic neuroma and 2 times for gliomas). (News24 October 3, 2007)


  • Lymphatic Cancer and Bone Marrow Cancer. Researchers from the University of Tasmania and the University of Bristol studied records of 850 patients who had been diagnosed with lymphatic and bone marrow cancers. They concluded that people living within 300 metres of a high voltage power line for extended periods (particularly in childhood) were up to five times more likely to develop these diseases later in life. (Internal Medicine Journal September 2007 Physorg.com August 24, 2007)


  • Researchers in California found that EMFs from electrical appliances (such as domestic vacuum cleaners, hairdryers and food mixers) could significantly increase the risk of miscarriage. (Epidemiology January 2002)


  • American researchers found that the rate of suicide among 5000 electricity utility workers who were exposed to extremely low frequency EMFs was double that of a control group of the same size. The effect was particularly noticeable among young workers. (Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine March 15, 2000)


How Can Nutrition Response Testing Help?

By using specialized test kits, Nutrition Response Testing will help you to find out to reduce or protect from the radiation. And Nutrition Response testing will help to find out any toxicity, we can prescribe customized supplements to restore the body’s function to detoxify which is damaged from the radiation. And if you are planning to get some radiation blocker or questions about that, please consult with us before you use.