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x-ray image of human head with brain and electric pulses

Neuro Cranial Integration NCI


Neuro Cranial Integration: NCI relieves pressure in the brain and nervous system caused by illness, injury and daily stress, allowing your body to function at a higher level of efficiency. It not only gently removes tension from the nervous system, releasing restrictions throughout all the tissues and organs of the body; it also returns proper cerebrospinal fluid flow to the spinal cord and to the entire body., improving almost every function of the body.

No other systems of care may reaches the deepest level of the dura mater as precisely as NCI. (The dura mater is a tough, protective covering around the brain and spinal cord. Its job is so important that it extends down the spine and throughout the entire nervous system.)

Because the dura is attached to the skull, as well as the spines top two neck vertebrae, and extends all the way down to the tailbone, the dura must be balanced from top to bottom for optimal functioning. Any misalignments or distortions cause uneven pulling which, in turn, cause distortions (twisting) of the skull, the spine and the entire body. Sooner or later, these distortions result in health consequences, including neck pain and back pain.

Who can benefit from NCI?

NCI is holistic – it improves the brain and body as a whole rather than targeting specific conditions. However, many specific and/or chronic conditions benefit greatly from NCI, such as:

  • Headaches, including Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia and the many accompanying symptoms
  • Parkinson’s, especially the stiffness associated with this disease
  • Cerebral Palsy patients have reported increased flexibility
  • ADHD and Autism – practitioners have seen dramatic results
  • Mild traumatic brain injuries, Strokes and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Back pain, neck pain and other acute conditions
  • Sports Performance can dramatically improve

 When the nervous system is working better, the possibilities are Endless!