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Acupuncture is a treatment tool within the practice of Traditional Oriental Medicine. It has been used for thousands years in Asian countries with great success and has been gaining popularity worldwide in recent years.

Through the use of acupuncture needles the practitioner of Eastern Medicine stimulates certain points along the meridians. This stimulation helps to restore the balance and flow of Qi so that the organs and other bodily systems can work together in harmony. This sets the stage for the body to repair itself and maintain balance.

The needles used in acupuncture are very thin, so thin that many patients cannot feel their insertion. There are also bigger needles available, varying in length and diameter for conditions that indicate their use.

The types of needles used vary depending on the patient and the illness, as well as the treatment style of the practitioner. All the needles that are used for treatment are sterile, disposable needles, as required by law. They are used once and then discarded to the ensure safety of the patient and the practitioner.