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Fruit sugar

We usually think that everything comes from nature and it is good for our body, but we are totally confused.

Sugar which comes from fruit can worsen our health.

Fructose, fruit sugar, is metabolized in the liver. An over-consumption of fructose, give our liver excess of work, inhibition of phytochemicals, such as flavonoids, or other issues, may result in delivery of unabsorbed fructose into the large intestine, which will cause more water to be drawn into the large intestine through the process of osmosis causing diarrhea.

In addition, the excessive fructose becomes a source of nutrients for the gut flora resulting in a higher production of short chain fatty acids, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases due to fermentation. This increase of gas causes gastrointestinal side effects that mimic irritable bowel syndrome.

Recommendation is limit high sugar fruit and try (check the list attached) to include more vegetables which are less in sugar concentration and high in fiber and water, helping our body with bowel movement too.

If you finally decide to take fruit at least don’t eat after dinner or lunch, as a dessert choice.

Fruit is metabolized faster that other kind of food and if you eat after dinner it could interrupt the other food digestion and fermented in your body giving you some gases, and slowing your digestion.


<Photo © Dr. Joseph Mercola , www.mercola.com>