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An overwhelming amount of research has found that man-made EMFs can do much harm to the body, including:

• Break DNA strands
• Create stress hormones
• Weaken the blood-brain barrier
• Disrupt cell functioning
• Clog detoxification pathways in the body

If you travel often for work or vacation, whatever your travel plans, you need to know how to protect yourself! Here are some ways that you can keep radiation at bay while crossing security and flying.

• We highly recommend opting out of the full body scanners while TSA still allows, and instead go with the smaller scanner/pat down. The large full body scanners will leave your cells scrambled and in a suboptimal state for months.

• Make sure to wear your Hedron Pendant or Hedron Body Shield as you make your way through security. The Hedron products will not set off the scanner so just tuck it under your shirt or in a pocket to ensure your cells stay optimally harmonized and protected from the high EMI and radiation through security and on the flight.

• Make sure to put your Body Shield and/or Pendant on the soil for 5 minutes to recharge as soon as possible after your flight for optimal efficiency.

• If you’re near an ocean on your travels, make it a point to go for a full body swim! Or even have an Epson salt bath or foot soak. This will allow you to release any Geopathic Stress you have accumulated in your body over time.

• Walking bare foot or lying down on the earth (grass or soil). This discharges extra electrons and protons which help you restore your optimal vibration frequency.
These man-made EMFs interfere with the body’s own natural EMF field by entering it and cutting it off from the earth’s electromagnetic field—the field with which we naturally resonate and from which we receive nurturance and healing. When we are cut off from the Earth’s field, a large variety of harmful health effects occur.

Symptoms of Air Travel EMFs

Symptoms of EMF exposure run the gamut, but frequent flyers often suffer from typical ones including:

*Fatigue                                                                                                                     *Sleep disturbance
*Chronic colds & flus                                                                                                *Memory Loss
*Headaches and “mind-fog”                                                                                    *Depression/Anxiety
*Digestive disorders                                                                                                 *Chronic pain