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Chemical and Heavy Metal, what they are?

Nowadays, we are totally surrounded by chemicals and Heavy Metal substances. And they’re still affecting on your body.

Let me introduce some of them, where you can find and how they affect on your body



Linked to neurological, psychological and immunological diseases for its speedy ability to cross the blood-brain barrier(BBB) to affect the brain. It has also been linked to heart arrhythmias, headaches, blurred vision, and weakness.

It may found in : Dental fillings, fish, immunizations (children and adults vaccines), cosmetics, pesticides, paint, plastics, fungicides, fabric softeners, adhesives, floor waxes/polishes, laxatives, suppositories, tattoos, hair dyes, batteries and of course in broken mercury thermometers.



Linked with Alzheimer and Parkinson disease

It may found in: Baby formula, baked and processed food, soft drink cans, cheeses, baking powder, white flour, beer, cigarette filters, artificial food coloring, dental amalgams, deodorant, antacid and pharmaceutical drugs, laxatives, aluminum pots and pan, shampoo, skin cream, deodorants, toothpaste, vaccinations, automobile parts and exhaust.



There are two type: organic and inorganic. Organic occur naturally in the earth and small amount is necessary for the body to function properly. Because the soil contain organic arsenic, many foods have trace of metal, but it is not considered toxic.

The inorganic one is the problem, as known as carcinogen.

It may found in: meat, fish, poultry and wine, insecticides, pesticides, wood treatment, rice.



It is a growing source of environmental toxicity. Found deep below the earth surface, cadmium began to contaminate the food and water supple when people mining for zinc, which is often found mixed with cadmium.

Without a proper zinc to cadmium ratio, the body became more vulnerable to cadmium toxicity.

It may found in: Cigarette smoke, coffee, candy, evaporated milk, processed food, soft drinks, refined cereals and grain, gasoline, steel cooking pans, metal pipes, tap water, rubber, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, paint, dental alloys, batteries, plastics, marijuana.



Linked to dementia, Alzheimer, learning disabilities, seizure disorders, aggression, hyperactivity. It is a potent neurotoxin that affects brain development and the nervous system. Too much can be deadly.

It may found in: Canned food(especially on canned fruit juice, refined chocolate, hair coloring, air pollution, candles, dyes, gasoline, paint, old plumbing, insecticide, pottery, textile, scrap metal, tobacco smoke, crayons, mascara.



Linked to Alzheimer’s disease, irritation of mouth, nose and eyes and it causes headaches, stomachaches, dizziness, vomiting and diarrhea.

It may found in: chocolate, water, and filters water, hot tubs and swimming pool chemicals, refrigerator ice makers, cookware, copper IUD’s, dental materials, brackets, jewelry, cooking utensils, piping, fungicides, insecticides.


Even if they are on the list, some of them are full of toxicity but some of them are not. So take your time to find and take which is less or not contaminated on those bad things.


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